Of Mustard, Chilli, and Salt and Pepper Grinders

Did you know we supply condiments to restaurants?
Yes that’s right, if it’s a nice mustard, a good Chili, salt and pepper grinders and of course salad dressing...
We can do it for you, breakfast jams and anything made on request; personalized labeling available, we deal with many steakhouses, restaurants and supermarkets ...

Call us today with your idea and we can help you from the ground into the bottle right to your table ....


Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s travels is probably one of my favorite movies or books; when I was a young child I was mesmerized how they could keep such a big man down ..
Of late it has become Katy’s travels and I have enjoyed every single trip, smelling food and ingredients overseas and bringing back seeds ... sometimes I didn’t know whether I was allowed, and I just popped them into my handbag, but border control always let me through ...

We have so many variety of chillies and I probably have not even touched most of them , however I have come across some pretty hot ones ...
The Chillie choice for Hekpoort Heksie is different with every product and right now we are developing a piccalilli but have changed the name slightly to figalilly ... slight touch of Chillie figs mustard and crispy veg will be amazing to add to your cheese platter ...

I sometimes feel like I am running out of time as ideas run into new ideas and the years seem to go faster however don’t you just love the new name !? Figalilly !!
I dreamt about this name !!
Now we are sourcing the best chillies and figs and organic veggies in order to make this product perfect ... so watch this space


Heksies Red Chilli Steak Rub

Summer calls for hot flames!! 🔥 🌶

Hekpoort Heksie’s “Sundried Red Chilli” is a definite condiment you all need at your braai this summer!
Use Heksie’s famous steak rub recipe below to spice up your next braai gathering!

Hekpoort Heksies Braai rub recipe:

•Coarse salt
•Sundried Chilli
•Coriander seeds
•Olive oil
•Lemon juice
•Fresh twig of Rosemary

Blend together and massage into your juicy piece of steak and Braai. Chilli never tastes this good 👌🏻

Hekpoort Heksies chilli products are available now at Norwood Spar and other leading retailers near you.

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