Crispy flat bread with cheese filling for Chilli tasting

Crispy flat bread with cheese filling for Chilli tasting



1/1/2 cup self raising flour
1/2 brown bread flour
Two table spoons of oil
One cup of water
One teaspoon salt
One teaspoon baking powder


Kneed the dough into a ball
Let it stand for thirty minutes
Cut dough into eight equal pieces
Roll them out paper thin
Fold the left side to the middle
Fold the right side to the middle
Top with some cheese
Close parcel into square by folding top down to middle and bottom up to middle
Press closed on sides (You now have a perfect square)
Heat up some oil on frying pan and fry for 20 seconds each side .


Of Mustard, Chilli, and Salt and Pepper Grinders

Did you know we supply condiments to restaurants?
Yes that’s right, if it’s a nice mustard, a good Chili, salt and pepper grinders and of course salad dressing...
We can do it for you, breakfast jams and anything made on request; personalized labeling available, we deal with many steakhouses, restaurants and supermarkets ...

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Heksies Home Brewed Ginger-beer

Heksies Home Brewed Ginger-beer

Heksies Hideaway now brews our own ginger-beer and it is never enough.
"Every client normally has a ginger-beer" Katy mentions, "It’s a nice big bottle and is also for sale to take home."
It seems this ginger-beer is a very favorite to many ...
And it goes especially well with the Chillie tasting.

For those that don’t enjoy ginger-beer we also brew our own home made lemonade which is also available to take home.

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The History of Magaliesberg

Magaliesberg was proclaimed a world heritage site in 1999 and is a mountain range and town in the North West Province of South Africa. Historically it was called Macalisberg or the Cashan Mountains. Magaliesberg is the epitome of South African culture with a mix of diverse people. Home to some of the most beautiful scenery, valleys, rivers and woodland areas.

In that 1800’s the town was named after the chief Mogal, Mogal means ‘clever Person’ but it can also mean a Tswana soldier .Mzilikasi, a trusted commander of King Shaka was sent to conquer the sotho tribes of this region. Mzilikasi then formed his own nation known as the Matabele. Msilikasi then settled in the region and attacked the Voortrekkers. They in turn counter attacked together with the Sotho-Tswane Chiefdoms and worked together to claim the land and held friendly relations over the years and kept peace.

The land was sought after as it was rich agricultural land and still is today. It is also home to the Magaliesberg biosphere reserve. Situated between the cities of Pretoria and Rustenburg. It lies between the Glassland Plateau and the Sub Saharan Savannah. The Cradle of Mankind heritage site is situated there as well. This area used to be home to many wild animals. Elephants, Buffalo, Giraffe, Wild Cats and Buck would run freely. It is home to a wide variety of bird species. Now they are cared for in game reserves that preserve the wildlife and the land.

Finally, Magaliesberg is a wonderful tourist attraction. Numerous Bed and Breakfasts , Self Catering, Private Game Lodges and other holiday accommodation is available. Things like Hot air balloon rides,game drives, cheese making or hiking is available to do!You can even visit one of the oldest gold mines in South Africa. It is a beautiful place and worth a visit!.



Heksies Red Chilli Steak Rub

Summer calls for hot flames!! 🔥 🌶

Hekpoort Heksie’s “Sundried Red Chilli” is a definite condiment you all need at your braai this summer!
Use Heksie’s famous steak rub recipe below to spice up your next braai gathering!

Hekpoort Heksies Braai rub recipe:

•Coarse salt
•Sundried Chilli
•Coriander seeds
•Olive oil
•Lemon juice
•Fresh twig of Rosemary

Blend together and massage into your juicy piece of steak and Braai. Chilli never tastes this good 👌🏻

Hekpoort Heksies chilli products are available now at Norwood Spar and other leading retailers near you.

For more on our other available products, please check out our website and on-line store


Cast Iron Cooking

Cast Iron Cooking

In South Africa, the traditional ‘Poitjie’ has become very popular. What is it about a poitjie that we love so much?
It has a lot to do with simplicity. Everything is thrown into the pot and left to cook

on a slow hot fire! It also has something to do with the cast iron pot that is used.

Why use Cast Iron pots?

Cast iron pots are durable, they are built to last.Food does not stick to them. In fact they are so easy to cook with.They also retain heat very well. They are not difficult to maintain but yes, you do have to look after them. It’s simple, wash and dry them straight away so that they do not rust and oil them.
There are plenty of videos on google to show you how to care for your cast iron pots .

What can you cook?

Beef and Balsamic potjie

Beef and Balsamic potjie

You can cook just about anything in cast iron.

My husband loves his cast iron pots and has an entire shelf filled with them.He has made, sour dough bread in them and even a birthday cake! He has been cooking most of his life.
If you are just a beginner, start off with a cast iron skillet and fry some eggs and you will see you cant go wrong. Next try a basic frittata recipe or some pork chops. Then you can graduate to making stews over the fire or you can even use your cast iron post in the oven.
They come in many shapes and sizes. We are going to a friends 50th this Saturday and my husband is going to do a simple roast chicken and vegetables in his pot on the fire. He just throws everything in the pot. Its that simple.

Finally if you haven't tried out cast iron cooking yet, then give it a bash! There are plenty of easy
recipes on-line.
Try it, you will fall in love with it!


Things to do in Hekpoort

Things to do in Hekpoort

Hekpoort is such a small town with a few hidden gems.
There is a lot of culture and history, not to mention the gorgeous views and tranquil natural environment.

1. Horse riding

Saddle Creek Ranch in Hekpoort is in the heart of the Hekpoort Valley. The Horses are well trained and the journey takes you along the picturesque Magaliesberg Meander Route.
Rides can be 30 mins for R250, 60 mins for R460 or 90 mins for R630.

Open from 8:30- 4:30

Saddle Creek Adventures, Farm HH24, Hartebeesfontein Road, Hekpoort, Gauteng

2. Mountain Hike to the top of Magaliesberg

The mountain trail at Shelter Rock in Hekpoort is 8km long, It is for all ages and can take about 5 hours. It’s a gradual climb of 400m passing beautiful scenery. Weathered rocks and old forts dating back to the late 1800’s. You will be issued a pocket guide upon arrival which has information on the fauna and flora you will see on the journey

Open from 7 am to 5 pm

Shelter Rock, Skeerpoort / Hekpoort, 0232, Gauteng

3. Go Karting

At Saddle Creek Adventures you can go off-road Go Karting on an 800m track. Training and helmets are provided. The costs vary from R190 per person to R315 per person. There is also an extra option to hire a photographer for R750 which will include 50 photos.

Open from 8:30am – 4:30pm

Saddle Creek Adventures, Farm HH24, Hartebeesfontein Road, Hekpoort, Gauten

4. Mountain biking

Mountain Sanctuary Park offers a little bit of tranquillity away from the city. It has hiking trails and a 12 km mountain biking trail. It is said to be a difficult trail but with spectacular scenery and mountain pools to ride past. There are also has beautiful picnic spots.

Open during daylight hours

Mountain Sanctuary Park, Magaliesburg, Gauteng

5. Sunrise Baloon Safari

This is definitely one for the bucket list! Book a Balloon ride for R2595 includes a magical experience of riding in a hot air balloon as well as a post-flight breakfast which includes champagne!

Skeerpoort, Hartbeespoort | On the R560, Magaliesburg 1791, South Africa

6. Eat Out

There are a few different restaurants to eat at in Hekpoort varying from Pizza to Pubs and Restaurants with antique books as the attraction. All worth a visit, however,  Tripadvisor  rated Heksie Hideaway one of the top places to eat in Hekpoort.


In conclusion, treat your significant other to a memorable and relaxing holiday. Or bring your family for a fun adventure. It will be a worthwhile destination when planning a holiday.


The Origin of the Sunday Roast


The Sunday Roast is British in origin. Stemming from the Industrial Revolution from around the 1700’s. It was the main meal typically eaten after church on a Sunday morning and is rooted in Church history. The Catholic culture of the day was to fast on a Sunday morning before the church service thus making the Lunchtime Roast quite a significant event.

Other theories

Some even say that the Sunday roast became popular around the time of King Henry V11, in the late 1400’s. The Royal guard has become known as “Beefeaters” ever since due to their love for beef.

In 1871, In the book “The Cooks Oracle” by William Kitchener we find that he recommended that everyone eat 3 kg of meat per week. He also recommended that 2kg of bread and a pint of beer each day was healthy. Not everyone could afford to eat so much meat. The poorer families would look forward to their roast on a Sunday. Even then, while they attend church, they would put the food in the coal ovens or over slow fires and allow to cook. Their roast was ready to eat when they returned home from church.

Another thought was that in Medieval times the village Serfs would serve the Squires for the entire week and then on Sunday they would gather together around a feast.


Yorkshire pudding was typically eaten before the meal with loads of gravy. Vegetables that accompany the meat would be what was available at the markets or what they had grown themselves. Often it was Potatoes, Parsnips, Green beans, Peas and Beetroots.

In conclusion, whatever the origin of the Sunday Roast, It is here to stay! Families work hard all week and are busy with their separate lives. Work, school, homework. Then comes Sunday, the day of rest. Time to sit and enjoy some family time together and a wholesome Sunday Roast, with Roast Potatoes, gravy and all the trimmings!