Heksies Hideaway RestaurantHeksie's Hideaway is situated on Hekpoort Heksie's (a.k.a. Katy Van Wijk) chili Farm.
Sheltered on a ridge of indiginous trees, 500 metres from a river, it is home to a multitude of bird and wildlife as well as some farm animals close to the river and forest.

Heksie's little restaurant became famous because of her Chilli.
The restaurant first opened in Magaliesburg and when the lease expired, after three years of great success, Katy needed to make a very fast plan to move to their farmhouse a few kilometers away.
Little did she know that this would take off like a house on fire.
The food is tasty and imaginative and is served from the veranda which has the most incredible views. Lovely music plays in the background and the sundowns are spectacular.

Heksies Hideaway gives a personal service and offers to make your day a great success just like you would visit a family member.