Magaliesberg was proclaimed a world heritage site in 1999 and is a mountain range and town in the North West Province of South Africa. Historically it was called Macalisberg or the Cashan Mountains. Magaliesberg is the epitome of South African culture with a mix of diverse people. Home to some of the most beautiful scenery, valleys, rivers and woodland areas.

In that 1800’s the town was named after the chief Mogal, Mogal means ‘clever Person’ but it can also mean a Tswana soldier .Mzilikasi, a trusted commander of King Shaka was sent to conquer the sotho tribes of this region. Mzilikasi then formed his own nation known as the Matabele. Msilikasi then settled in the region and attacked the Voortrekkers. They in turn counter attacked together with the Sotho-Tswane Chiefdoms and worked together to claim the land and held friendly relations over the years and kept peace.

The land was sought after as it was rich agricultural land and still is today. It is also home to the Magaliesberg biosphere reserve. Situated between the cities of Pretoria and Rustenburg. It lies between the Glassland Plateau and the Sub Saharan Savannah. The Cradle of Mankind heritage site is situated there as well. This area used to be home to many wild animals. Elephants, Buffalo, Giraffe, Wild Cats and Buck would run freely. It is home to a wide variety of bird species. Now they are cared for in game reserves that preserve the wildlife and the land.

Finally, Magaliesberg is a wonderful tourist attraction. Numerous Bed and Breakfasts , Self Catering, Private Game Lodges and other holiday accommodation is available. Things like Hot air balloon rides,game drives, cheese making or hiking is available to do!You can even visit one of the oldest gold mines in South Africa. It is a beautiful place and worth a visit!.