Cast Iron Cooking

In South Africa, the traditional ‘Poitjie’ has become very popular. What is it about a poitjie that we love so much?
It has a lot to do with simplicity. Everything is thrown into the pot and left to cook

on a slow hot fire! It also has something to do with the cast iron pot that is used.

Why use Cast Iron pots?

Cast iron pots are durable, they are built to last.Food does not stick to them. In fact they are so easy to cook with.They also retain heat very well. They are not difficult to maintain but yes, you do have to look after them. It’s simple, wash and dry them straight away so that they do not rust and oil them.
There are plenty of videos on google to show you how to care for your cast iron pots .

What can you cook?

Beef and Balsamic potjie

Beef and Balsamic potjie

You can cook just about anything in cast iron.

My husband loves his cast iron pots and has an entire shelf filled with them.He has made, sour dough bread in them and even a birthday cake! He has been cooking most of his life.
If you are just a beginner, start off with a cast iron skillet and fry some eggs and you will see you cant go wrong. Next try a basic frittata recipe or some pork chops. Then you can graduate to making stews over the fire or you can even use your cast iron post in the oven.
They come in many shapes and sizes. We are going to a friends 50th this Saturday and my husband is going to do a simple roast chicken and vegetables in his pot on the fire. He just throws everything in the pot. Its that simple.

Finally if you haven't tried out cast iron cooking yet, then give it a bash! There are plenty of easy
recipes on-line.
Try it, you will fall in love with it!