Gulliver’s travels is probably one of my favorite movies or books; when I was a young child I was mesmerized how they could keep such a big man down ..
Of late it has become Katy’s travels and I have enjoyed every single trip, smelling food and ingredients overseas and bringing back seeds ... sometimes I didn’t know whether I was allowed, and I just popped them into my handbag, but border control always let me through ...

We have so many variety of chillies and I probably have not even touched most of them , however I have come across some pretty hot ones ...
The Chillie choice for Hekpoort Heksie is different with every product and right now we are developing a piccalilli but have changed the name slightly to figalilly ... slight touch of Chillie figs mustard and crispy veg will be amazing to add to your cheese platter ...

I sometimes feel like I am running out of time as ideas run into new ideas and the years seem to go faster however don’t you just love the new name !? Figalilly !!
I dreamt about this name !!
Now we are sourcing the best chillies and figs and organic veggies in order to make this product perfect ... so watch this space

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