How to make Chilli Infused Ravioli Pasta Dough


How to make Chilli Infused RavioliĀ Pasta Dough


1 tsp Hekpoort Heksie Chillies

3 eggs

350g flour

pinch of salt

Ā½ T water


1. Mix Chillies and eggs together in a mixing bowl with a fork

2. Get a medium sized bowl and add flour and salt. Make a well in the center and add the egg mixture slowly. Mix with a knife until it forms a stiff dough and add a little water if needed.

3. Knead the dough on a floured surface for about 5 minutes until the dough is elastic and smooth.

4. Wrap the dough in Cling wrap and allow to sit for about 30 mins.

5. Make the filling of your choosing while you wait for the dough.

6. Once the dough is ready, roll it out on the floured surface and cut with a round cookie cutter or glass jar, fill the ravioli with your desired filling and fold over , washing the edges with an egg wash.

7. Boil the ravioli for 5-7 minutes.

8. Season with some fresh basil leaves.

Ravioli filling

You can choose what filling you would like but because the chilli flavour is in the pasta dough, a cream cheese or ricotta cheese filling is recommended but you can add meat instead. Ricotta and spinach are a great combination.

Some tips

Roll the pasta out so that it is not too thick that it doesnt cook through or too thin that it breaks in the boiling water. If you do make a double batch do not put it all in the pot at the same time as it could stick together. And add a little oil into the water when boiling.

Home made, fresh Pasta is always much tastier than bought pasta! If you do not have a Kenwood pasta maker or old school pasta machine, Ravioli is an easy and fun way to make Pasta. Get the whole family involved in the cooking of this meal. This recipe serves 4 people. Double the recipe if you having a small dinner party. It can even be served as a starter to a fun Italian evening