Hekpoort Heksies Chillies

When it comes to growing our chillies we select the best grade and make sure they ripen just as we would like .

Our red chillies are sundried to perfection.
The jalapeños are wood barreled with a layer of pure sea salt on top and when ready perfectly marinated to the most favorable taste surveyed over many years.
Our yellow chillies, believe it or not, are hotter and make a beautiful yellow Prego sauce they are also added to our chutneys for a hint of heat!
There is so much one can do with chilies .

Where we differ?

Our chillies are pure, we don’t add any preservatives, colorants, vinegars or tomatoes and onions as many people do .

Is our sauce a sauce?

Perhaps we should class it more as a saucy paste.
One can add it to many recipes but most of our Hekpoort Heksie Chillie lovers like it just as it is, especially the ones that have it on toast for breakfast!
Over the years we have become very famous for our products and more and more people are purchasing variety of flavors.

One can come and taste the sauces at our restaurant, Heksies Hideaway, served with our delicious meals.

We do know one thing! Everyone that has tasted our chillies always keeps a bottle in their homes and some even in their handbags .

Come and pay us a visit or visit our website to purchase online.