Who is Hekpoort Heksie?

Katy van Wijk
Hekpoort Heksie aka Katy van Wijk

Born in the South of France in 1965, Katy Van Wijk (AKA Hekpoort Heksie) is of Dutch Nationality.
She grew up in a small Dutch village, where she was a neighbour of the famous beer brewer Freddie Heineken.
“Mr Heineken was a kind man and he inspired me a lot as a young individual. He admired the fact that a young woman like myself had the drive that I had and always offered his advice and support.” Says Katy. “He unfortunately is now a loving memory, survived by his wife and family who still visit my mother’s shop in the village.”

Katy went on to study in beautiful countries like the Netherlands and Switzerland while her culinary skills are from Spain.
After moving to South Africa in 1985 Katy started as a sales person at the Smiley Blue clothing company.
Later she become the manageress of a company called Rock bottom and continued her experience gaining journey from there, applying for South African residency in 1987.

Katy has since been unstoppable! She has used every work opportunity, every piece of advice, every let down and pick up to shape and mould her professional life.
Hekpoort Heksie supplies her Chilli products to over 350 different shops which include various Spars, butcheries, restaurants and other diverse establishments.
She will shortly begin the exportation of her products and is busy looking at new ideas to expand her ever growing business!

Hekpoort Heksie’s chillies can be sampled at Katy’s beautiful Heksie's Hideaway in Magaliesburg, served as condiments on tastefully decorated tables with a delicious menu, and her famous Witch’s brew lemonade. Another loved and secret recipe.

Some things are just never meant to be shared.