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Hekpoort Heksie supplies Chilli products to over 350 different shops in South Africa, which include various Spars, butcheries, restaurants and other diverse establishments. Her chilli's are also exported to The Netherlands and USA as well as being available online.

The demand for fresh home made nougat has become quite a big one.
Hekpoort Heksie was almost forced into being creative and make nougat to help a client in the in the USA.
She had to make 300 bars for an order and because most companies were closed learned the process of making fresh nougat with farm fresh products....
Probably one of the bigger challenges we have ever experienced, especially being famous for our Condiments, this was certainly a different task .
Heksies nougat is available to order.

Orders 0837386282

Hekpoort Heksies Chillies

When it comes to growing our chillies we select the best grade and make sure they ripen just as we would like . Our red chillies are sundried to perfection.
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How to make Chilli Infused Ravioli Pasta Dough

How to make Chilli Infused Ravioli Pasta Dough Ingredients 1 tsp Hekpoort Heksie Chillies 3 eggs 350g flour pinch of salt ½ T water Method 1. Mix Chillies and eggs together ...
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chilli con carne

All About Chillie Con Carne

What is Chilli Con Carne? Directly translated from Spanish it is “Chilli with meat”, carne meaning meat.
It is a stew of minced beef and beans with chillies and or chillie ...
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Hekpoort Heksie has retail outlets in many areas of South Africa.
If you would like information about an outlet in your area please contact 
Katy van Wijk:


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